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  • Designing for WordPress and Web Design: Bridging the Gap between Design and Development

    22 Aug, 2012. Posted by Ngaire.

    Designing for WordPress and Web Design by Ngaire Ackerley

    Designing for both print and online media can require a bit of a different thought process. Time and time again I’ve heard people say how difficult it is to find a good designer that understands what goes into building a website and likewise designers that are frustrated with developers that don’t understand why they designed something a specific way.

    Well I decided it was about time to bridge that gap. I recently gave a presentation at the WordPress London Meetup with the title ‘Designing for WordPress and Web Design: Bridging the Gap between Design and Development’ to a range of people from users to designers and developers, with a range of backgrounds and knowledge. Hopefully everyone managed to take away a useful piece of information from this presentation.

    In my presentation I covered details about designing for users, how they think and what we can do to help users when designing and developing websites. With a bit of food for thought, I continued on about some key design principles of Guiding the eye / Hierarchy, Unity and Consistency, Balance and Keeping it Simple (KISS). All of which are vital to website design. While I could have talked for hours about various other design principles I decided to limit it to these and discuss how they could be implemented in a WordPress and website design environment.

    Below are my slides from the presentation. If you have any comments, questions, suggestions or feedback please get in touch »

    Ngaire Ackerley is a Graphic and Website design and Front-end developer. She has a background in Computer Graphic Design (First-class Honours) from Waikato University and Wanganui School of Design in New Zealand. Ngaire has been working in the design and web industry for well over 6 years now and loves every moment of it. Want to know more? Visit the ‘About Ngaire’ page »

    This blog post has been written by Ngaire Ackerley. Ngaire has a first class Honours degree in Computer Graphic Design and works as a Graphic and Website Designer and Developer. She spends her spare time with her Nikon camera close at hand travelling and photographing life and culture whenever possible.

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